Own A Word

Let me share with you one of our teachings on PMS 31-DAY JOURNEY that borders on an element of platform.


Have you heard or seen this word DEEP SOUL?

Have you heard or seen HIGHLY PAID EXPERT?

Have you heard or seen the word, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE?

Have heard or seen these words before, iPHONE, iPOD, iPAD?

Have you heard or seen the word FACEBOOK before?

Have you seen or heard the word, TWITTER before?

Let’s go a little personal.

Have you heard the word APEH OMEDE before?

Have you seen or heard these words before CHINWE JAJA?

Okay, let me now ask you,
WHO are the people who OWN those WORDS?

Is that making ANY sense to you?

Our world is FILLED with WORDS.

WORDS dominate our lives. We use them everyday; we write them and speak them.

But FEW PEOPLE actually has TAKEN POSSESSION of some WORDS as their own.

To the point that if you use some words, YOU CAN BE SUED!

In your journey to PROMINENCE and RELEVANCE, you must come to a point where become THE OWNER of some SPECIFIC WORDS.

Are you getting me at all?

If I may ask you on the superficial level now, what are the words you want to OWN?

I mean, what are the WORDS that will REFLECT what you do and want to be KNOWN FOR?

Let’s just do that for now.

Later you can THINK DEEPER about the words you want to own.

DEEP SOUL is now owned by STEPHEN with PH on Rhythm FM

Who owns SMART B CAMP?

John Obidi.


Though they are RULES for the kind of words that can be TRADE-MARKED.

Even those that are NOT trade-marked, if it is so popular with a particular person, if you begin to use them and the ORIGINAL USER get to know, he/she may fight you over it.

That’s why when you register a DOMAIN NAME, or BUSINESS NAME, another person CANNOT use them.

There are some GENERIC WORDS that are not allowed to be OWNED.

If you hear “YOU ARE FIRED!” who comes to mind? That belongs to DONALD TRUMP. He made it popular on his TV series THE APPRENTICE.

Let’s assume, you start using SMART B CAMP, John Obidi won’t find it easy with you.

Is that not true?


Chat me up if you want to know more on that.

Good morning.

Your friend,

Sam Semako

Become Who You Are Born To Be!

PHOTO CREDIT: azquotes.com


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