You Matter

“If you don’t understand my place in your life, you will MIS-PLACE me.” – Sam Semako

Most times when I watch movies, I like to read the CREDITS at the end.

As I read through the list of CASTS I often notice that there are LOTS of names of those who don’t act in the movie.

These people are some of the ones who work behind the scenes with job titles like,

•Best boy
•Art Directors
•Prop maker
•Prop master
•Set Construction coordinator
•Stunt man/woman
•Storyboard artist
•Director of photography
•Location Scout
•Costume designer
•Line producer
•Pyro Technician/Explosives
•Special Effects Coordinator
•Stunt coordinator

But it is the people IN FRONT of the camera that are known and recognised. In most cases, the people IN FRONT of the camera get better rewards than the people BEHIND THE SCENE.

But do they still matter? Of course they do.

This reminds me of some verses of scripture:

“Jonathan, David’s uncle, was a WISE COUNSELOR to THE KING, a man of great insight, and a scribe.


Ahithophel was THE ROYAL ADVISER.

Hushai the Arkite was THE KING’S FRIEND…

Joab was COMMANDER of the KING’S ARMY.”

– 1 Chronicle 27:32-34 NLT

From the above, you will see that each man had A ROLE to play, but each role DIFFERED

Does each role matter? Yes!

So also, your role and responsibility to your boss, leader or other people in your life is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from the roles and responsibilities others have toward them.

But I have come to realise that we struggle to out do others. Don’t struggle to out do your colleague. All you need to do is understand your role and play your part.


1. Your role matters – No matter how insignificant your role may seem to be, it matters. Have you forgotten the important role THE ANUS plays in human anatomy?

2. Don’t compare – You will be tempted to compare yourself with others that seem to be visible and every where. If you do, you will miss it. A train that decides to race with a car on the tarred road will not go anywhere.

3. Stay on your lane – If you don’t stay on your lane, you are disqualified. You won’t obtain your reward.

Is this helpful? If it is let me know.

Your friend,

Sam Semako


Become Who You Are Born to Be!


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