Your Difference Makes You Unique

“The 1st Position goes to…” The MC announced. The school hall filled with 500 parents, friends, students and well wishers became suddenly quiet. Like it is normally said, you can hear pin drop. Everybody was eager to see the winner.

The MC continued and repeated, “The 1st Position goes to…” He paused again. “The 1st Position goes to SAM SEMAKO!”

The hall roared! People stood up and were screaming. I was elated and ran forward with glee. I got to the podium and was ready to receive my gift and award when another boy my classmate too ran to the podium.

There was confusion. Unfortunately for me, the young boy too also bears SAM SEMAKO.

Our teacher forgot to write our 3rd names. I bear SAM SEMAKO JINADU; he bears SAM SEMAKO YUNUSA.


When you partake in a group’s photograph, and you get the picture who is the 1st person you look out for?

In the primary school days, I remember we often took groups photograph at the end of the school year. Any time I get such, the 1st person I looked for was who? Of course me. And you know what, I can IDENTIFY myself easily.

Today, I want to talk about IDENTITY. What has that got to do with PLATFORM?

Platform is basically about EXPRESSING who you are, what you have got and how who you are and what you have got are solutions to the problems of people out there that really need you.

What is identity?

“…the state of having unique identifying characteristics held by no other person or thing.”

About 2 months ago Innocent Usar did a series on Twitter. While reading through, I saw where he talked about identity. He said there is 1. “WE” Defined Identity and 2. “I” Defined Identity. Of COURSE, I added the 3rd one God Defined Identity.

My emphasis here though, is “I” DEFINED IDENTITY. For you to fully EXPRESS yourself on platforms that we may come to talk about, you must be able to DEFINE YOUR IDENTITY.


In logic, the law of identity is the first of the three classical laws of thought. It states that

“each thing is the same with itself and different from another”.

By this, it is means that each thing (be it a universal or a particular) is composed of its own UNIQUE set of characteristic qualities or features, which the ancient Greeks called its ESSENCE.

In other words, YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM ANOTHER. It is that your DIFFERENCE that you can EXPRESS!

The question: What are your DIFFERENCES from others that you are meant to EXPRESS on your platform?

You can’t express what/who you don’t know.

Let me stop here for today.

Below are resources to help you discover yourself:




Good morning.

Sam Semako

Become Who You Are Born to Be!



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