Career Lessons with Gamel Sankarl

On the 5th of November 2016, we had GAMEL SANKARL from Ghana on People And Career Platform.


Our Guest tonight is GAMEL SANKARL from Ghana.

Join us as we interact with GAMEL SANKARL.

•Gamel Sankarl is an inspirational author, a sensational speaker and a motivational poet.

•He is a professional biomedical scientist with a BSc in Human Biology and an MSc in Chemical Pathology.

•He has authored and self-published fifteen books including the following titles; Author at any age, Better is better, Poetivations, Gamelian Gems, Winning Starts with Beginning, How To Read and Reap, What you see is what you get among others.

•He has been recognized for his writings by a few notable organizations. In 2014, he was recognized and awarded as the ‘Best Male Influential Writer of the Year’ by Leadership Mind Ambassador, Nigeria and nominated in 2014 and 2015 by the prestigious Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Theatre and Arts (BEFFTA ) UK Global Awards as Best Author among twenty-nine other authors across the globe.

•He has also worked as a creative writing instructor for the Young Ghanaian Writers Programme where he also doubled up as the Writing and Business Programmes Director.

He has also been hosted by students of the Publishing Department, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to deliver guest lectures on creative writing.

•For the the past two academic semesters he has been visiting the Ghana Institute of Journalism to deliver guest lectures to the creative writing class on the invitation of the lecturer, Mr David Dankwa-Apawu.

•Gamel has spoken on several platforms across Ghana including a TED platform and some notable youth platforms as well as most tertiary and high school campuses. For his sensational speaking and poetry performance efforts, he’s been honored and listed in the African View Point Journal as one of ’20 Under 35 Young Change Makers’ by the African Youth Awards team and by the Youth Alliance for Development as one of ’10 Most Influential Youths In Obuasi’.

•Recently, he has also been named as one of ‘Top 20 Young Speakers In Ghana’ in a poll conducted by Speakers Bureau Ghana and Motivational Speakers Network, Ghana.

Can welcome our Guest tonight! Mr Gamel Sankarl welcome to “People And Career” PAC!!


Gamel Sankarl: Medaase!

Thanks for having me, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening.

I trust you are all doing well and Nigeria is growing stronger?

As indicated in my profile I am a biomedic by profession and a knowledge entrepreneur by passion.

I love what I do to touch lives on a daily basis and I am committed to it.

Over the years, I have tried to carve a career out of my writing, speaking and poetry skills and have learnt some lessons along the way…these include…

I will focus mainly on the writing and speaking because that is more dear to my heart…

LESSON 1 – You will get better if you don’t get bitter in the learning process of life.

It’s hard work to focus and write and sometimes what you write might come out not as perfectly as you want. People might read your stuff and say it is gibberish. These will make you bitter but if you don’t give up and keep writing you can only get better in the process. You will move from amateur to a master.

Over the years, I have tried to carve a career out of my writing, speaking and poetry skills and have learnt some lessons along the way…these include…

LESSON 2 – Life is for a reason and its in seasons.

When writing, you start with an idea and build on it. You move from one word to another then to a sentence and paragraph and page and a chapter and an entire book.

I have learnt that the same applies to life. You live one season at a time. When you understand this, you will know that after moments of adversities, there will be a moment of advantage.

Don’t rust and crush in life. Take one step at a time and you will surely get to your destination. Each seasons comes with its lessons and you must be ready to accept it and live accordingly.

LESSON 3 – Your purpose determines your path in life.

Every book or message I share has a focus and a purpose to achieve. Based on that I craft a message to meet the needs of my audience. I get an outline that gives me a logical path as to what to put down and share in a page or when on stage. Once I get my purpose right, my path becomes easier and defined.

When you know what you are supposed to do in life you don’t walk on just any path. You find the right directions and use. You need a plan for your life; one patterned according to God’s purpose and plan for you. A plan is proof of your faith in God and it directs you to your destination or your destiny.

LESSON 4 – Your mentality mostly corresponds with your reality.

Your mental attitude is translated into the reality you are living. When you get an idea of a book or message and create a mental picture of it, it is required of you to let that picture feature in you writing. You can’t become an author by having good book ideas. You need to translate that into writing. When the ideas you have conceptualised are put into writing and published, you now see the books as a real product of your mental produce. The way you think is reflected in your writing and ultimately the book you bring out.

The reality of your life is as a result of your mentality about life. What you meditate on gravitates towards you. Your input in life determines your output. As a man thinks so is he. If you don’t like your reality, check and change tour mentality.

LESSON 5 – Your self-discipline and decisions decide your destiny.

It takes a lot of self discipline to sit and write a book or message to speak on. You need to make time to think and write well so you can share your wisdom with others. Without discipline you can’t start and finish a book. It requires consistency before your interests wanes.

Every decision you make can make or break you when the book or message finally reaches its audience. Ultimately it can determine your destiny as an author.

The decisions we make in life shapes our destinies. You need to discipline yourself to take the right decisions and stick to them till you get to your destination. Not taking a decision is a decision and that might end you where you don’t want to. Why not take one? But be sure it is the right one because decisions decide destinies.

Lesson 6 – You can create your world with your words.

As a writer and speaker, I have noticed that the words I share with others determine my career growth. You share the right, relevant and wise words and you are elevated to the peak but with the wrong words, you are relegated to the bottom. With words, authors are able to live in another world. They also make readers live in other worlds.

The same way it is in life. The words you use will go a long way to create your world. What you confess determines what you will possess. Don’t just speak because you have to, do so because you have something worth sharing with your world and your worth will be revealed through your words.

LESSON 7 – You need team work to make the dream work.

Often, it is an author’s name you see on the cover of the book but there are others who work differently to make the book what it is: designers, editors, printers, publishers and marketers all play their part to make the dream of the author come to pass. But when you pick a book, you only see the author. Others worked in the background.

Such is life. You can’t do it on your own always. You need people to help you pursue and fulfill your purpose. That big dream needs a team. Each member will play their role and together you make that big dream come true. I need someone. You do too. You can only go far in life when you have a supportive dream team.

Okay…its time to take your questions. 30 minutes….:)

Odefunsho Abiodun (Lagos): Thank you sir. My question is
1. I think, from your experience, a sanguine can develop the discipline required to write a book. What are the qualities required?

2. Do you write other people’s stories?

Gamel Sankarl: Yes. A Sanguine can. Temperament is an innate or intrinsic factor but you can learn to shape your self through extrinsic factors. A sanguine just have to commit short sessions to write in order not to get easily distracted.

Qualities required? Just stay focused.

I ghost write for christians and corporate leaders, as well as celebrities.

Sam Semako (Jos): 1. Give us 3 books that have stirred you towards your career path.

2: Who are the 2 people who have really had tremendous impact on your career

Gamel Sankarl: 1. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

2. Gifted hands by Ben Carson

3. How to Win Friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie

1. Dr Mensah Otabil from Ghana

2. Albert Ocean from Ghana

3. Late Dr Myles Munroe from the Bahamas

Doyinsola Jawando (Lagos): How do I get over writer’s block? I tend to start writing but hang before I get halfway. What would you advise I do, please?

How can I shape myself?

Gamel Sankarl: Writers block happens to every writer. But when you set your mind on doing it, you ignore that moments. You just write the chaff and cut it out later. Try to consistently write and cultivate that attitude, preferably at a particular time each day. With time you will naturally be in the writing mood when the time is up.

Odefunsho Abiodun (Lagos): OK. Thank you sir. Do you coach budding writers?

Gamel Sankarl: Yes, I do but at a fee. I have a book that tackles all my insights on writing and publishing titled “Author At Any Age” too.

Gamel Sankarl:

My last word…You are only limited by the limits you put on your potential. Defy the limit and live life limitlessly.

It was fun sharing time and talent with you. Thanks for having me.

Sam Semako:

We have another Session coming up! Thanks for participating in tonight’s Session.

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Thank you.

Become Who You Are Born to Be!


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