Career Lessons With Maureen Nwachi

We had MAUREEN NWACHI on #PeopleAndCareer Whatsapp Platform on Sunday, 6th November 2016.

She shared her #CAREER STORY With us.

Below is her story:

Hello everyone.


What a reception. ☺☺☺☺

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I will tell a tale then share lessons learned from the tale.

Are we ready?


In 2008 I graduated and as the norm in this part of the world the next thing to do is to join the ‘favour’ market. ?

It was not an easy ‘somtin’

While serving my fatherland, I was willing to learn, network, serve…but I wasn’t entirely ready for the responsibility that comes with it all.

I carried out my duties with some level of comportment that stood me out amongst others but…

It wasn’t long before the level of reliance and confidence I had gained from older colleagues and my boss got to my head and I somewhat became ‘superwoman’ in my own stead.

What happened next gave me a shock that I recovered from not too long ago.

Mind you, this was my first job aside from chores that I’m used to (lol)

Never think you’re indispensable. Humility is not stupidity.


Well, I left Damaturu, Yobe State with my head hanging in ‘shame’.

I spent a few months in Abuja job hunting and out of the blues I received a call for an interview in Lagos slated for the next day.

I called back and asked for more time and packed my bags that night and left very early for Lagos.

I had only been to Lagos once and I spent a month.

My siblings and parents were scared, so to say. There were horrible tales about Lagos but I insisted and travelled.

I didn’t get that job.
I wasn’t really ready. The lady didn’t like how I was dressed…

I got another job instead with MTN by just hooking up with a secondary school classmate that day.

?LESSON 3 – BE DELIBERATE – write things down. I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over but it can never be over emphasized.

Though I switched jobs but I enjoyed my time in all the places I worked and also left an indelible mark in each of the organizations such that I have been able to call in for favours a few times.

In between jobs I’ve learned:

– To be supportive, appreciative and courteous because one can never tell where help comes from or where you meet people in the future.

– To take notes – It us imperative that you always have a writing pad and pen.

I had a boss who would not speak until he sees you with a note and pen and I used to think the man was just bugging me and trying to make my life miserable but I learned the hard way (yet again).

You never know when or where ideas could pop into your head and that idea could be your last card in a serious game.


Another thing is, don’t write off people especially old school mates or childhood friends.

Everybody is important.

I used to be a loner but I realized that, you can never get to the top without people.

You can never do everything on your own. It is impossible!

Because of this I learned to make good and better decisions.

I became a team player, a fast learner, an agreeable member of a team and most importantly I got a boost in my confidence level.

Learn to network both up and down.


There were times I cried. Yes, but I was always determined to deliver, so I practiced, practiced and practiced better till I got a raise and was promoted but with more responsibility.

I learned that failure is temporary and I came to understand that it’s some kind of feed back.

I learned to ask the right questions till I got it right.

Never give up. As I know, failure is only feedback.


Ask the right questions. Never be afraid or too ashamed to ask for help.

Asking for help doesn’t make you small in anyway, it just shows maturity and willingness to learn and adapt.

I was recognized in little ways when I was with telecoms but when I joined Dana, oh mehn! Game changed.

I had learned few things from where I was coming from so I was better and eager to deliver.

Within the first week (which was training) I was promoted.

I wondered if things happened like that in real life but yes, it happened to me.

I became a favorite and was immediately introduced to the MD and chairman of Dana group ?☺☺☺☺ you can imagine my joy.

Yes, hard work pays. I mean smart work too.

I had become confident and competent. I understood what I stand for (values) and was ready to stand by it.

At this point, I gave myself 2 years to leave Dana. The VP called me one morning and said, ‘Maureen, if you continue like this, I give you 2 years and somebody out there will pick you up.’

I took that to heart and it was like God confirming what I said.

This happened in February 2014.

Mehn! I kept climbing with speed and till I became untouchable such that I could challenge the VP and say, you can’t sack me, you need me.’

Erm, I remembered my first lesson oo and soft pedalled but the truth is I had become indispensable, but I was bidding my time.

Now in 2014, I said a certain prayer all through that year. A simple prayer;

‘Lord connect me with my destiny helpers so those whose destinies are tied to mine will locate me.’

Another lesson and a very important one.

LESSON 7 – Be focused, know you and where you’re headed and above all never forget the place of God in all you do.

I had always known I enjoyed serving, listening, proffering solutions and things like that.

Living with sickle cell and having 2 older siblings living with same condition endeared me to people with the condition.

My personality gives room or rather shows me in this light and I had been trying to do something in that line for a loooooong time, I just didn’t know how.

Sometime in 2015 somehow, I met coach Sam Obafemi amongst others. I took a few classes under him and that was all I needed.

I started writing about sickle cell anaemia and true to my boss’s words, someone discovered me.

The funny thing is, I had written to this person before. I asked to work with her or for her or just learn under her. She found me while I was just having fun working.

Sometimes all we need is that simple prayer and also be ready when the answer shows up and be intuitive enough to know when it comes.

I have served my 2 years with Dana and I resigned 5 months ago. I am doing what God called me to do on earth.

With these plenty words of mine, I hope I have made sense.

Thank you for honouring me.
Sir Semako, thank you for trusting me with your platform.

God bless you all.

I’m still here for your questions and contributions or suggestions.


Maureen Nwachi is a sickle cell advocate and healthy lifestyle and relationships enthusiast.

She has over 5 years experience in customer relations and has worked with MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and a subsidiary of Dana group (Dana Cars and Services). Maureen has a degree in plant science and biotechnology and certifications in customer service and emotional intelligence.

She is very passionate about helping those living with sickle cell maintain a healthy lifestyle and espouse the belief that they are not their condition and ergo, should not be limited by it
She is also out to help the young and young at heart find their true selves and remain on course.

Ask Maureen what she embodies and she’ll say “Health, fun, continuous learning and a timeless supply of serenity.”

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People And Career (PAC) is where people share CAREER LESSONS from CAREER STORIES!

To be part of this life changing CHAT WITH HIM, kindly send

“Register me for PAC” with your NAME, LOCATION and OCCUPATION

to any of the numbers below:

Stella +234 816 276 7153
Mayowa +234 803 270 4998
Sam +234 803 775 1551
Francis +234 703 268 8775
Jonnie +234 703 116 2474
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