Career Lessons with Gamel Sankarl

On the 5th of November 2016, we had GAMEL SANKARL from Ghana on People And Career Platform. INTRODUCTION Our Guest tonight is GAMEL SANKARL from Ghana. Join us as we interact with GAMEL SANKARL. •Gamel Sankarl is an inspirational author, a sensational speaker and a motivational poet. •He is a professional biomedical scientist with a … Continue reading Career Lessons with Gamel Sankarl


Career Lessons With Maureen Nwachi

We had MAUREEN NWACHI on #PeopleAndCareer Whatsapp Platform on Sunday, 6th November 2016. She shared her #CAREER STORY With us. Below is her story: Hello everyone. Wow What a reception. ☺☺☺☺ Thank you for your warm welcome. I will tell a tale then share lessons learned from the tale. Are we ready? LESSON 1 - … Continue reading Career Lessons With Maureen Nwachi

Own A Word

Let me share with you one of our teachings on PMS 31-DAY JOURNEY that borders on an element of platform. PMS 13: OWN A WORD! Have you heard or seen this word DEEP SOUL? Have you heard or seen HIGHLY PAID EXPERT? Have you heard or seen the word, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? Have heard or seen … Continue reading Own A Word


Life Transforming QUESTIONS

My 7 year-old child asked me, "Can my wife be older than me?" My immediate thought to myself was, "Where did he get this from." I paused for awhile then and answered and explained the answer. Daily, I am bombarded with different QUESTIONS from our children. Some of you who are married with children know … Continue reading Life Transforming QUESTIONS